Yefe Nefesh

Design for the first‭ ‬‘spoken word’‭ ‬book by Yossi Zabari

Yeffe’‭ ‬Nefesh is the first‭ ‬‘spoken word’‭ ‬book published in Hebrew‭, ‬dedicated to the critical‭, ‬sharp poems of performance artist Yossi Zabari‭. The book design was inspired by vintage  classics in Hebrew literature, ‬using classic elements such as hard cover‭, dividers and a seemingly simple grid with a modern interpretation ‬to echo the content of the book and its author‭. The use of a custom typeface for the book, based on an old Hebrew typeface with a new‭ interpretation, formed an original‭, ‬unique‭, ‬daring message‭, ‬similarly to Zabari’s work‭.‬

Additional items: Art direction, video, print applications, social media, newsletters, type design
Photography: Roni Cnaani