The North Market

Visual identity for indoor food hall located in Tel Aviv.

North Market is an indoor food hall owned by gastronomist Michal Ansky and architect Roy Hemed‭. ‬The food market is located in Tel Aviv and offers a rich selection of food stands‭, ‬local artisan restaurants‭, ‬fresh organic products‭, ‬flowers etc‭.‬ Embracing the vibrant atmosphere of the market as well as its rich materiality‭, ‬the visual identity of the project is based on colorful‭, ‬vivid elements alongside bold and clear messages‭. ‬The design is intended to visually stimulate‭, ‬conveying the dynamic vibe of the venue and its young‭, ‬hip energy‭.  ‬

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Photo: Karavan Media