Visual identity for the new venue by Chef Ran Shmueli‭.

Ma’arava, ‬The new venue by Israeli Chef Ran Shmueli‭, ‬redefines the balance between up-to-date culinary‭, ‬style‭, ‬and‭  ‬design‭. ‬The Visual identity created for the venue is inspired by the unique experience it offers‭, ‬as well as by the exceptional landscape it is‭ ‬surrounded by‭. ‬The design illustrates the environment of Ma’arava, ‬combining different layers of images‭, ‬neutral and earth-tone colors‭, ‬videos and gifs from the location itself‭. ‬The dynamic‭ ‬mix of visual elements highlight nature at its best‭, ‬and embodies Ma’arava vivid atmosphere‭. ‬

Additional items: Art direction, video, print applications, presentation, social media, newsletters, signage
Photography: Erez Harodi, Hila Ido  |  Video: Studio Bold  |  Logo: Vonsy Brand & Design