We are 

and ‭, ‬graduates of the Bezalel Academy Department of of Visual Communication‭, ‬and longtime friends‭. ‬We founded‭ ‬’Danielvenir’‭ ‬in 2016‭, ‬in a beautiful wooden floor‭, ‬naturally illuminated in northern Jaffa‭. ‬Our team includes , ‬graduate of the‭ ‬Bezalel Academy Department of of Visual Communication 2018‭, ‬and the ultimate source of inspiration‭ –  the dog‭. ‬Our Studio specializes in creating visual identity‭, ‬print design‭, ‬digital and web design for various businesses‭; ‬food and restaurants‭, ‬art and culture‭, ‬high-tech etc‭. We enjoy the challenge of realizing our clients’‭ ‬visions while maintaining high standards‭, ‬innovation and forward thinking‭. ‬Among our clients‭: ‬Claro restaurant‭, ‬North Market‭, ‬studio Kav‭, ‬Black Box and others‭. ‬